People who know of my SI. problem  ask me why? why do I do it? and because it numbs out the pain I’m feeling inside, as dumb as that sounds. Also it helps me forget easier. I don’t do it just to do it, or because I think it looks cool.  I have my reasons. And sometimes it calms me down when I start to panic. Which is a lot. So am I stupid for doing it? Yes. Does that mean I’ll stop? No. I can’t give it up. WEll atleast I don’t think I can.  Would I like to stop? Yes. But I just don’t know any other way to cope, I try to find other ways, but none seem to work as good as SI. :/

So what do I do then? who knows? any advice people? Because I’m blank when it comes to this besides SI. Which I know I need to stop, believe me I do know.