So, I’m new, technically.

I made one of these back in the summer, but i just made a new one because I forgot. I have depression, and i self injure. I’m seeing a psychologist, but i don’t really like it. It doesn’t help because i can’t tell her anything.

Anyway, my friend self injures too, and then she turned bulimic. We both are just really lost, and we get really down. She was recently admitted to a psychiatric hospital for adolescents, and it’s killing me. I miss her so much. I can’t even talk to her.

It made me think about myself a lot. I feel like, selfish for being depressed, because i know there are other people out there who have it a lot worse. Don’t ask me why, i just am depressed. I don’t know why, and it makes me feel even worse. I talk to my mom a little, but i’m so embarrassed by everything. I can’t talk to anyone about it.

She said she would call my doctor, get me an appointment with a psychiatrist for like medicine.

She asked me if i want to go away like my friend, like for real.

I said i don’t know.

I don’t really know. I just don’t want to feel like this anymore. I sort of want to go to a hospital, or more like a treatment center (there is no SAFE by me :/), but i don’t know. I’m scared and confused.

I just don’t understand myself, and i’m done.