Well I went out for Easter dinner with my family: mom, dad, stepbrother, stepmom and me. My dad was under the influence that night, like usual. But this time it was worse. He got mad at the waiter for not bringing our dinner on time and started screaming and cursing at him. Then he grabbed the poor guy and nearly beat him up. We were kicked out and they almost had to call the cops on him. It hurts me so much that he cant even try to stay clean. Not for me or my stepbrother. And not for one night can he stay sober. I’m trying to stay clean and he cant even attept to do the same for me! Its not fair. He refuses to go to rehab.  And he doesnt remeber doing anything that night, thats the worst part. Then my ex decided to toy with my emotions again telling me that he loves me and he misses “us” when i know that its not true. He broke up with me because i quote: was not good for him and i changed so much since the start of the relationship and it would be better if we were “just freinds”. I cried so hard that night. Why cant i just have a normal life with one house and a normal family and a guy who actually loves me. Help please?