I starting SI’ing myself about a year ago. Two of my friends and my boyfriend recently found out… They’re trying to help me. well actually only one outta the 3 are trying to help because she has the same problem…  My boyfriend doesn’t even seem to care I’m hurting myself…I mean i know he cares but he doesn’t show it which makes me really upset. Right now I’m having trouble with him… Today he told me that hes feeling left out when we’re around my friends and i feel like i have to make a choice between my friends and him. I really don’t want to do this because i would pick my friends but i really like him and i don’t want to hurt him im his very first girlfriend. My friends and I try to include him in convos but it doesn’t really work. He doesn’t seem to try… Also his friends are kinda mean to me. Which makes me sling sometimes. Does anyone out there have advice for me about that?

My second thing is i live with my dad and grandma (parents are divorced i never see my mom she lives across the country). They BOTH abuse me when they are mad. Also usually the things I do aren’t that bad. I try SO SO SO HARD to not make them mad but whatever I do they don’t like it. My dad calls me a failure sometimes which REALLY hurts…it really makes me feel unloved. I hate it. And lately I havn’t been eating much not on purpose but I just havnt been hungry at all…its getting weird. I don’t know what to do. It’s scary me.