I’ve had a horrible day today. I was supposed to go hang out with my boyfriend, but my Mom said no. And she wouldn’t even give me a reason. Every  time I asked why she wouldn’t let me she said, “Because I said so” Which made me really mad. She wouldn’t let me do the one thing that makes me happy for no good reason. And it’s not like it was even going to inconvenience her, he would have came and picked me up, then brought me home. It’s so not fair. So I’ve been upset all day. And to make matters worse, someone started a rumor that I’m pregnant. So now, everyone’s talking about that behind my back. I feel like my mom doesn’t want me to be happy. Everything I want she says no to, and she doesn’t even really talk to me anymore, or ask my opinion on anything, whatever she says goes. She yells at me all the time over nothing. And it seems like all I ever hear anymore is “I’m disapointed in you.” She thinks I should measure up to my brother, who never does anything wrong in her eyes, he’s perfect. I even heard her talking once and she was telling my dad how bad they raised me and how screwed up I turned out. I feel like she doesn’t even love me anymore.  She doesn’t want me to be with my boyfriend, she even told me that. And me and him both agree that she hates him. It just tears me apart that she won’t let me see and doesn’t like the one thing that I love. I want to SI so bad right now, I don’t know what to do…please help.