Anybody ever ran away or thought of running away? I almost did last night I had my bag packed and I was heading towards the door but I herd a noise and I got scared.I tried callming down but as the sky grew darker and darker it made me wanna run even more.My friend tried to talk me out of it.She said please don’t leave me it’s a bad choice and plus you won’t have anywhere to go you’ll be on the streets sleeping in the cold and you won’t have anything to eat. I just told her i’m fine with that at least I won’t have anyone asking me if i’ve eaten and I won’t have to hear anymore yelling or fighting. But I did run away as you can see cause I wrote this and this wasn’t the first time I wanted to run there was this other time last month.But that time I was actually outside my dad had gone into a rage I ran out the door and slamed it shut.I just stood outside waiting for my mom cause we were going to B.A.M. and when she was about to come out is when I wanted to run but it was too late. There was this other time in 5th grade I hid under a table  behind boxes we had in our some what I guess what you could call a porch. I only hid under there cause I wanted to run but I didn’t so I just thought I would hide instead and see how long it would take anyone to notice I was gone.It took them and hour mayeb an hour and a half to realize.