I started SIing last summer. My parents just recently found out about it. They put me in councling for awhile because I was in a major depression state. I was supposed to tell my consoler about my SIing problem, but I ended up being to scared to. So I never really got any help. And right now I really need some. I don’t SI on a regular basis, just when certain things set me off. Like my boyfriend. I love him more than anything in the world, and I’m so afraid of losing him that I take everything out of hand. Every little thing upsets me and makes me cry, then I want to SI. Like, if he gets mad at me I SI or if he doesn’t tell me goodnight. He saw my scars once and it made him cry, and I felt terrible. It makes me want to stop, but I just can’t. And it makes me even more upset that he cries over me doing this to myself, when half the time its because of him. Everyone tells me that we have an unhealthy relationship, and my parents hate him, which makes me want to SI more. I can only be happy when I’m with him, I rely on him for my happiness and love. But some way or another, I always end up crying or SIing. Even if it’s nothing. Like sometimes at school I’ll feel the sudden urge to cry because I start thinking about him, and if I ever lost him. Or sometimes I’ll SI for no reason at all. What do I do with myself? Is there something seriously wrong with me?