so i watch my little nephew thursdays and fridays. and i was napping while he was napping and i hear the door bell. i knew my aunt was going to stop by but i had told her to knock since i had just put the baby down.  So of course theres one thing she chose to ignore.  She walks in talking really loud ( thats just how she is) and im like “shhh the babys sleeping” (2 strikes).  She walks in and says she wants some tea, i had the hot water on since i needed to make his bottle when he wakes up in a little bit so i go to grab her a cup but she helps herself. Whatever its just a glass. She goes to make a whole pot of tea im like look  just make a tea bag. She huffs and puffs a little bit but whatever again.  I go sit on the couch and she sees a pyrex dish of rice crispies that my sister in law made for easter with her family.  She goes to serve herself a peice, again without even asking. Im like “hey dont take off too much its for their easter party” she TOTALLY ignores me.  I hear her crunching away at the pan and i cant see her of course im like “did you hear me? Its for their party” ( i did not say it in a mean tone i swear)  she throws down the utinsel and grabs her purse yelling at me saying im just like my dad she can never do anything blah blah blah walks out and slams the door.  like really? Here i am sitting here shaking im so mad wanting to SI because i feel lousy for making her do that. But in all honesty i did not say anything terribly bad did i?? Its not her house! Its not her sons house. Its not her daughters house, heck its not my house!!!  She thinks she owns the place, so she does what she wants. Well i cant have my sister in law mad at me for something i did do.  Im a 21 year old, but she treats me like im 9.  Really. Now our whole weekend will be ruined because shes mad at ME.  Ugh. =[ Sorry, i just needed this out.