Ok so a couple of days ago I injured. My guidence counselor found me in the bathroom on the floor. She said, “Gwendalis what happen did you fall?”. All I said was no whiel I was feeling in shame just staring blankly at her. She said, “Gwendalis you didn’t” and I couldn’t even answer so she asked me how I did it. I’m not exactlly sure if I told her how I did it. I told her that my mom just thinks that I fell because thats what I told her. I could tell she was disapointed in me I could see it in her face and in her body motions. I just feels so bad I hate lying to my mom.But when it comes to my S.I. I just can’t help it but to everyone else that knows I tell them all the truth.And it makes me feel like such a hipackrit. Ugggggghhhh I feel LOUSY!!!!!!!