i couldnt stop it this time.  all the time and effort i put into it, wasted.  i hadn’t si’ed in nearly two years.  My boyfriend and i broke up and then got back together only for me to find out he had already slept with three other people and was dating someone in less than a months time….. we were together three days before it ended badly yet again.  i just cant stay with him after all that.  if he can leave and just get over me like that when i actually loved this person.  i dont understand it . . . so i si’ed.  now im a single mom with three kids ( one of them is his ) and im so depressed and cant stop crying . . . everyones running amok…… and nothing seems to matter…… ive lost ten pounds an none of my clothes fit. but who cares. nothing matters…. Injuring is the only thing that will never leave me. . . like the same echo i hear from so many others who si….