Hey guys, this is for anyone out there that needs some inspiration or hope. I have this teacher that today gave this huge lecture on life. She talked about how some people go through their lives wasting it by only looking at the bad things that have happend to them but never at the good. She said they float through life going from one bad thing to the next and waste their whole lives because they never open their eyes enough to see the incredible things God has thrown at them. I am very guilty of this..i tend to dwell a lot on things that have happened in the past so i have been missing out on a lot of good things that are happening now. When she started saying all of this stuff i realized that wow, i am wasting my life and nobody knows how long they have left to live it so we really do need to live each day like its our last!!! God gives us the amount he thinks we can handle and would not pile on a burden that he knows is to big for us. Although we sometimes may feel like nothing is going our way if we take a minute to view the world with a more positive outloook then things will turn around and we will be happier. This will not be an easy thing to do but we have nothing to lose if we try. Im going to start trying really hard because ive gotten to that very low point where i just want to end things but maybe…just maybe that will bring me out of that hole and i will be able to move on and finally enjoy life again!!I hope you will try this too:)


such a small word

but what does it mean

A life has no value

If  only a dream

Living life can be very hard

Moving forward

whilst covering the scars.

The scars do nothing

They just give us more pain

So try to quit

and you will smile again.