I started S.I. in 6th grade I am now in 7th. It all started with a new girl who I thought was trying to steel my x-best friend.I am partly still friends with my x-best friend but we did not become x because of the new girl who is now my best friend. Also because of things with my dad, my x-best friend was trying to control a science project project we were doing together and I felt like no one understood me wich I still feel like no one does. So yeah thats basicaly it.  I am not happy at all that I do this. Surprisingly I am not even that scared of letting people see my scars except for my family. I’m not looking for attention i’m just not scared because I do it out of a cry for help.Maybe even some day when i’m over it or something someone will ask me what happen and I can tell them about my journey and warn them never to turn to it cause it will over take their lives.