I feel like im going to explode. I am always stressed i bottle up all my feelings, all my thoughts, and it hurts so much…but i cant tell anyone, i dont think i no how. I have kept everything inside for so long. my parents never listened to me, they just called me a crybaby, just like everyone else. they never even cared why i was crying. whatever reason i had, they told me it wasn’t something to cry over and ignored me. Couldn’t they see how much i needed someone to listen to me? From there on out i have kept everything bottled up inside me. I told one person, my boyfriend, whom i trusted, one of my secrets, and he broke up with me. the one time i opened up he left me. he didn’t even try to help. It just feels so good to vent, here i can lie to myself and pretend that someone cares about me…(I hate sounding whiny but it feels good to talk, this is the first time i havent talked about this stuff to anyone besides myself.)