Do you feel that stardust collecting on my brain?
I look through spectacles of dusty, tinted opals
On the other side floats reflections of your past.
If I would have known, I would have sheltered you
The ignition sparks left me blank on your front door step,
I was so fooled when I thought you’d never hurt.
All this time it was leaking out your seams,
I forgot to look for the sewing lines,
I forgot to see the parts of you, like me.
So, may I whisper to you all my secrets?
They’re hidden in a seashell beneath your bed,
They’re sleeping in treasure chests on top of sand,
I want to kiss your hands and hold your cheeks,
I want to cure you of this worst disease,
There is a lightening bolt laying on the hill,
If it can pierce you diamond skin, you will be healed.
Now let me see that smile doll,
I know how you shine.
I’ve lasted this long forever, living on rays of sun.
I’ve held you close inside my dream, taking morsels of your soul.
Master, love, magic keeper, you name is the loudest silence.
I love you, love me.