Fork in the road

Of never ending pain

Catch in my throat

As I remember how I held you close

Tears glaze my eyes like

A thousand stars tainted by anger

Streams like raindrops fall, cracking my watercolour mask.

A hole where you used to be

Is left inside of me

Memories trip me up as I try to run away from

The past.

Is it only a matter of time before I fall back into my old ways?

The tainted comfort, sweet release?

I’m not as strong as I used to be.

I’m silently screaming for help

But no one hears

N0 one sees past the wall I have built around my heart

Past the lies and lame excuses

We’re all too scared of the truth

But if you could read my thoughts, you’d see how close

I am to ruining all of this.

Somebody, please help me before I give up the fight.