No one knows who I am inside.  No one knows the girl behind the mask and the walls that compose my body.

They know the girl who smiles. The girl who is happy, the girl who laughs and is looking forward to her future. The girl who does not care about much and is in pretty good shape.

They dont know who I am inside.  They dont know the girl who stays up untill as late as 7 am sometimes because she cant stop crying. Who cant stop crying because she thinks of how her future is going down the drain, which they dont know, because if she asks for help she admits defeat and all the other people were right about her.

The girl who cries because who she is, was, is becoming lost out in the world while all that remains is someone who doesnt come close to measuring up. Who injures herself, who dies inside more and more each day, who is completly alone and wants to give up and is suffering.

They dont know that girl, I dont know that girl. That girl is me.

Behind these eyes that are dry and these lips that smile, are eyes that pour with tears and lips that pray to God for an escape when in Privacy.

Behind the academicly promising girl with so much potential, is the girl who is becoming behind in school because she cant focus and she cant ask for help because her academics are the only thing she has got, the only thing her parents care about her for.

Behind the dreamer, the one who has so many plans and hopes, is the one who sees no future for herself, who doesnt see her life going anywhere but down.

Behind “me” There is me.  Behind it all, they dont know me.