Hey guys, I’m here again to update on what’s been going on with me lately… So, as most of you can guess, I’m back with my dad. If you’ve read the last post I made, you will find why this is a little bit of a worry… Nothing bad happened, like I was expecting. But then just last night I was watching these very depressing videos and was crying for like an hour before going to bed, which is when I slipped up and self-injured again. It’s because of stress, and what happened Friday, and also because yesterday at school I decided I would go to my guidance counselor, to see if she could maybe do something about my living situation… She’s not going to, which upsets me… I don’t like the idea of staying here two more years and maybe even more… I’m going to go crazy… Just today, I injured… I’m just so depressed. I feel like none of my friends even care about me anymore, and none of them want to speak to my face the way they’d feel if I was gone… I feel so alone… It hurts so much… I’m trapped and lost and I’m not sure what to do… If anyone wants to email me, please do. My email is twilight_princess@comcast.net

Let’s be clear: I’m not a Twilight fan. Those of you who are video game nerds like me would know it’s a Zelda game… XD Just thought I’d point that out, I’m not trying to be mean or a smartie pants!! 😛