I want to share Alexis Pilkingtons story. I did not know her personally, but I want people to know this is serious. I want the other users on this site to know how serious your friends can be when they talk about suicide, and just perhaps if a parent reads this, I want them to know that teenagers who are upset, it is not something you should just brush off, no matter the case.

Alexis Pilkington was a teenager in New York. This past weekend, she commited suicide. Alexis was a popular girl in her school. She played sports, had a lot of friends, was pretty, and was in general a popular teenage girl. I do not know the full story, but from the friend of mine who knew her, this is what I have gathered.

Alexis had an on line account and she recieved many hate statements and horrible things said to her on her account. I am being told about 400 posts of people, some anonymous, some not, telling her horrible things about her. The online posts did so much damage to her, and she took her own life.

Things like this shouldnt happen. She should have reached out, someone should have reached out to her, this shouldnt have happened. But it did. I am sure her parents if they saw she was upset did not think much of it since teenage girls get upset a lot, and this is in no way their fault because they loved her to death, but this goes to show not everything teenagers go through is just a teenage thing. Online Violence should never happen. It does not make you cool and it could hurt people.

Another example of this is Megan Meijers story. I wont go into a rant, but her best friends MOM pretended to be a boy that liked Megan on the internet since her daughter and Megan were fighting and she was helping to get back at Megan. After the mom had Megan in love with the boy, she had this “boy” crush her heart, feelings, and self esteem. Megan Meijer ended her life that night.

Online Violence and Abuse and Bullying should never happen.
You never know what could happen.
Think before you get involved and reach out.

And if you feel suicidal – 800-SUICIDE 24/7 – there is ALWAYS help available.