This is the worst ive ever felt.
Or should I say felt/havent felt.
I have this feeling thats been around for a bit, Its getting worse as the days go on. I dont feel like doing anything, Im falling way behind in school, I dont feel like talking to anyone but m the one person I am closest to, I feel I am stuck. I feel like my life isnt going anywhere and I am wasting my life. My life is one thats wasted. I feel like I am just going through the motions everyday. Even going to the one place I call my second home, my heaven. I feel like even going there is a battle with myself and is just a motion going through. I hate the way I am feeling. This is not me. Tonight I wanted to play piano, write, get my room clean, do my internet things. I couldnt bring myself to do any of them, besides the computer things and that was horrible trying to get through. I am completly numb, I feel like this feelings winning the battle, and I am suffering.  I dont know where to go or what to do.