I am really struggling with going back to SI again. I Cannot handle the depression anymore! I want it to be over. I have tried and am trying counseling and therapy…for years and nothing. They all wanna focus on my ED and where I should go for that but never focusing on the main issues…whatever they are and its getting nowhere! I feel like i need to and want to cry but I can’t. Its been too long…way too long of struggling with this. The things going on in my life right now-all just little things except one thing are just building and I can’t do it anymore! I am not seeing how in anyway this ever gets any better! Every year I’ve thought this is going to be it. Its going to end now. Or back in High school I used to think it would be over once I would graduate but here I am five years later in the same spot. Useless, hopeless and worthless. I can’t do it.