Lieing to yourself is different than trying to start a new chapter.lieing to yourself is hidding the emotins,fears,memmories in a little hallway closet,its a very small closet eventually its gonna over starting a new chapter is emptying out that closet right into the garbage.i haven’t SI in one year,more or less,the way i did it was simple,i didnt think in the mornings,all i did was put on some happy music on (music helps u A LOT,the choice of music is important if u listen to it offten like me,i wake up to it i fall asleep with it,if u listen to used,M.C.R chances are your going to un-happy,don’t get me wrong i love those bands,but them everyday all day?)if someone tried to ruine it i would tune them out,weither i went to my room or took a walk,and and took a dep breathe of fresh air compaired to the smog of secerts i hand inside.the morning,begining of your day is important,if its a horrid morning,its actually your choice to either let it get to you or not.i chose not.but just because it been so far doesn’t mean it’ll say like that,i just hope i don’t climb to far up to fall twice as hard,scared!