I’m still at school right now but I’ve been having a really bad first two days back. Yesterday my boyfriend went way to far we’ve been dating for about 3 weeks now. He wouldn’t stop and i’ve given him many chances he’s messed them all up. Then last night i broke up with him i felt i had no choice… then he started saying how much he liked loved me…its been 3 weeks…he told me he would take a bullet for me and and i was his first girlfriend and he didn’t know how to treat me I don’t know if i should believe him or not (what do you think?). Then today my friends were glad that I broke up with him…I told them I was thinking about getting back together with him and they got a little mad and kept teasing me even when i started getting mad. They said if i started going out with him again they wouldn’t support me in the relationship and they are really my only friends but I’m not so sure they’re real friends anymore. :\ In history my ex/boyfriend had an opinion on something and It offended my best friend she got mad and I kind of understood but she was freaking out and I was being nice and standing up for him but also wasn’t getting mad at her and being nice…she started being mean. I just decided to let her do whatever. So my only friends are mad at me for a stupid reason and I’m upset….they both hate the guy i like… UGH. I hate my life. I was walking down the hallway to get to the class i’m in right now (both of my friends are in this class) they had moved their things and I’m sitting alone. But before i was walking here halfway about to cry and one of them come up to me and say “will you talk to me and act your age?” I was talking to her before…and Then i started crying which was really embarrassing. People saw me crying at the beginning of class and everyone saw me…no one cared. No one loves me why does my life stink so much? Once this guy told me that I was a accident…my mom and dad did it had me my accident and then got divorced because of me….it’s probably true. I’m thinking about tonight…about SI. If anyone has advice for me tell me but if not it’s fine. I guess i can deal with it. I’m use to getting hurt like this it’s happened all my life.