Hey everyone~

Well, I’m moving into my friend Sarah’s house and my mom, my bother, his friend Ron, my friend Sarah and, I moved most of the stuff in over the weekend. I for one thought my dumb  brother wasn’t a perv but her is. You see, when my friend Sarah went down to get something and my brother Tom went down with her. What he did next was unemaginable and I’m not gonna mention any details because it’s pretty graphic. I wanted to SI sooo bad but I didn’t and I’m glad because I would’ve lost two months of progress. Then I decided to call my counselor and it turns out I had her old number so I have no way to call her. I ended up piercing last night because I couldn’t sleep.  Well, I hope all is well with everyone. If anyone needs to talk email me at emo_chick44608@yahoo.com. 😀