Hey Sarah,
remember me?
the best friend?
didn’t think so.
but do you remember those times?
the good ones?
the bad ones?
didn’t think so.
you wanna know why?
best friend?
because you cast me aside.
because you got to used to me
because i was always there.
remember that year?
remember that?
of coarse not.
because i was still there
but do you remember that i did die
i died in my head
no you don’t
because you didn’t know.
because you forgot,
all about me,
all of those times.
you forgot me
your best buddy
best friend,
your almost sister.
i have a question sarah,
why did you forget?
why did you cast me aside like a crumb?
why don’t you remember?
sarah?  why?
hey sarah,
remember me?
that used to be,
best friend.