So, I had a breakdown yesterday, at school, in the office. It was kinda humiliating. Luckily no one really pressed me to get what was bothering me. But my life has just become so confusing, and it’s like hello? Is anyone there to realize I’m beginning to fade away? Can’t you just realize that I may be kind of scared to talk to someone, I’m sick of burdening people with this, so why don’t you talk to someone for me? Show me that you really care? I’m so done with this journey! If I would have known what would have happened, I would never have SIed the first time. I would never then have been brought to this place.

I know that I can get out of this, but I just don’t know how. I know that God will never leave me, I know that so stop telling me it! I’m done with this, and I’m worried something big will happen.

I’m so close to getting out of this, yet at the same time so far away I’m losing hope.