Dear Vicki, Did you know how much pain you caused me when you started talking to that man again? He is horrible and you just let him brain wash you! I looked up to you, you are my older sister and I wanted to be just like you. You were an amazing artist and you threw that all away for that person you met over the internet. I never heard one sorry come out of your mouth and that hurt the most. You had a fiance and he had a wife and you still ran away to be with him. You are extremely selfish for trying to end it and leave mom and dad heartbroken. I don’t think you understand that you are wrong because you do not know what love is so don’t ever tell me you love me! You came back home because you were using mom and dad and they were too happy to see that but I could see right through you. Vicki how could you do this to me? Did you know I told mom soon after you left that I hated my life? Mom didn’t deserve to lose you and her mother. It’s been about 3 years since you left and this is my goodbye letter to you and I will never see you as my sister again. I wish I could say that I still want to be like you but I can’t and I deserve to be happy.Goodbye Vicki.