I would like to start by saying that I am a recovering injurer. I did not start injuring until I was 25 and from what I have read that is late to start. I still do not know why I started and I have accepted the fact that I may never know. I am a therapist who works with people who suffer from mental illness, substance abuse issues etc. I have found that most of my social work/therapist co-workers know little if anything about self injury either because they were never educated about it or are afraid of those of us who live with it. When I was in graduate school self injury was the one issue we were never taught about. I found this to be hurtful and horrible that they did not want to teach people who would be working with us how to work with us. Because of this I am trying to gather stories to put a book together to tell our stories. It will be anonymous and names do not need to be shared. Your stories can be sent to buddhayoga@yahoo.com  Any and all stories will be appreciated. Thank you!