i hope so cause i’m going to… first lets go?to nov. of 08, i met this guy-of course the story has to have a boy- i really feel for him! then he started hanging out with my best friend, next thing i know they are a couple-major ouch- thats when i started s.i.ing. in jan. they ‘broke up’ he never asked her out so it wasnt really a break up- he was really upset and since i had decided to just forget about there ever being an us i was his shoulder to cry on… eventually he and i started not exactly dating, on easter he kissed-my first kiss- i was so convinced that if i let him kiss me he would finally date me, next thing i know its july and still no dating but lots more kissing-yes niw i realise he was using me- so i break up with him, a week later he’s back with my bestfriend-the day we left for church camp i found out. so what do i do? injure. they break upand he’s back to knocking on my door-and i let him back in. he decided he was gonna go further this time thou. i ditched him and stopped injuring in oct. but now i find myself wondering–what if… and i want to know so bad. i’m so dumb. i need to get over him but i dont know how.