Peace has fallen over me
I am finally free
With open eyes I now see
What this thing has done to me
I’m so sick of injury
But it will never leave

Days I will be sober
I finally think it’s over
A new path I have chosen
My injuries shall stay uncovered
Now looking for new lover
But thoughts of it still hover

Travel to the back of my mind
Where all my scary thoughts reside
I scream aloud when I’m back there
Can’t run away and I can’t hide

These thoughts are the story of my life
With all the pain and all the strife
A lot of late nights yet still I cried
I kept these fears a secret inside

I’ve yet to even speak
Afraid that fear will leak
Into the ears of unwanted listeners
Who will busy themselves as they are gossipers

I’ll be taken away
To a land unknown
I’ll be lead astray
From all I know
Regretfully I will stay quiet
So that my secrets of the back of my mind are NEVER NEVER found