last night I injured myself. It seemed like the right thing to do in the moment but now I’m so ashamed and upset with myself. I’ve  talked to my teacher. Well not really I mean she was so busy at that moment that we really didn’t talk about it. She really wants me to talk to my mom about it but I don’t feel like I’m ready. People think I’m like crazy or something and I almost want to Sled again. Every time I walk in a hallway there are these group of boys that make fun of me and it really hurts. And the teachers at my school are talking about me behind my back because they  think I injure myself. And I do, but I don’t see what you can accomplish when you don’t just ask the kid if they hurt themselves. And I know they do because they care about me but I just really need someone who isn’t really busy and is just willing to sit down with me and be the shoulder I need to cry on and just talk with me!