I live with my dad and grandma right now. My dad has a very very short temper and I try my best not to get him mad. When he does get mad at me he physically abuses me though and so does my grandmother. Both of them also verbally abuse me cursing at me and calling me names. It makes me really upset and frustrated so i go in my room and injure…or something like that. I try so hard not to but i say to myself I won’t do it this is the last time but i keep doing it. Last thing I’m struggling in two main subjects in school and when i come home and they get my grades which are usually C- ‘s and up they get really mad we have a talk and i say i do try my best because i honestly do i don’t know what else i can do. any ideas? please please someone help I’m going through a lot. Plus I just got a boyfriend and I’m not so sure about him. Whenever i hang out with him during school guys walk by and say stuff to him like “get it” and I really don’t like that I wanna go slow this time…i’ve been hurt many times by guys. I’ve been cheated on 3 times. I havnt dated a guy in awhile now and i think i’m ready. But I’m not sure how to deal with him he knows i wanna take it slow and i think he knows i don’t like guys saying that stuff and talking to me about him. The thing is he will do ANYTHING to get attention from guys which worries me. UGHH what should I do? Any advice??