I feel like I am falling out of exsistance. The only one person I ever see or talk to is my best friend because he is the only one that cares enough to take the effort to see me or talk to me. I wake up and wait for him to get out of school so I can have someone to talk to and someone who wants to be around me and wants to hear my thoughts and feelings. I get home and I am alone in my room till about 12. My mom gets home and I go and sit in her room with her while she watches tv, only talking to me if she asks me to get something. I sit with her so I do not feel completely alone and hopeless in this house, which normally fails. I feel like I dont exist, except to my amazing boyfriend/best friend who is leaving for college in the fall. Then I will be alone and it scares me to death I am going to go way to far after he is not here to stop me. I feel like I do not exist.