My life has been falling apart ever since 6th grade and I’m in 9th grade now. It’s starting to get worse. All through middle school I had this friend and she was such a bad friend. She bossed me around and didn’t let me hang out with anyone else and if I did she would tell people stuff that wasn’t true about me and she would get mad at me. It was so frustrating then in 7th grade my grandfather died from lung cancer which was really really hard for me because I lived with him almost all my life. Something else that was very hard for me and still is, is that my parents are divorced they have been sense I was a baby. Now it’s been 9 years since I last saw her. I have talked to her but only a couple times since then. Its really hard and I really miss her. It’s hard because my friends talk about their moms and it always makes me really sad. I finally got in touch with her and my half brother this year but recently i found out that they might not have enough money to fly down here and we definitely don’t have enough to go there. We would but my dad is losing his job and i go to a really expensive school. It cost more then college! Anyway it’s really hard