Except this time, it’s not me.

My friend just got back from a partial treatment program at a hospital for her injury and whatnot.

the other day she sent me a picture of one of her injuries, it disturbed me.

she knows i used to have self injury issues as well, and she told me she had done it while in the hospital. i was so angry. she doesn’t care at all about her treatment and her recovery, even the day i found out she was in the hospital i called her and she brushed it off like it was the smallest thing and didn’t even matter.

today, she had the nerve to show me her scar.  i told her to get out of my face and not speak to me.

i mean, was i not sensitive enough? i really don’t want to act that way towards her, honestly. but i’ve been more than patient with her, and the way she’s handling it is really just not right. i don’t want to have to exclude her and not talk to her, i want to be there for her. but this has crossed a huge line.

<3 rescue