My ex-best friend’s life is untouched.

She did not get hurt.

She hurt me.

My life was the one that she took apart.

She is not worth everything that I’ve worked for.

My dad yelled when he found out about what I bought.

I told him that getting mad doesn’t help.

I’m glad he threw them away.

I’m glad him and my mom love me.

I’m going to stay strong.

For dance, because I need to stay focused,

For everybody who I don’t want to hurt anymore,

And to show you that I’m strong.

Sometimes the whispers seep into my head and tell me that I’m worthless. They tell me that I need this. Sometimes they scream insults so loud but only I can hear them. Sometimes I scream silently hoping that someone, anyone, will hear me. Sometimes, most of the time, I lie awake in bed at night because I can’t get your face out of my head. Your voice saying those things. Sometimes the nightmares scare me so bad I think they’re real. Sometimes the pain gets too much, the anger overwhelms me… and sometimes I think

I’ll give in.

But I don’t.

Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I smile, a real smile. Sometimes I realize how lucky I am. Sometimes someone tells me I’m beautiful. Sometimes I realize

I’ll be okay.