The last few days have been very difficult.  I come on here and read all of your posts and it makes me feel so relieved to know that other people are dealing with similar problems.  All of these stories are amazing, it takes a lot of courage to post them, I commend everyone for that!  I have been having a lot of difficulty with friends and family that know about my SIing.  My dad points it out every time he sees something new on me.  I try not to fuss about it, but it bothers me when he points out my SIies.  I have never SIed as much.  It scares me.  Even though I’m trying to stop I feel like I am backtracking and getting more dependent on SIing.  I try not to SI, I’ve been taking advice that doctors have given me and what some of you have given me (which I appreciate a lot!) but sometimes I just can’t help it.  In a way I feel very selfish; I am constantly asking myself “what is so bad with my life that I have to do this to myself?” and I also ask “Why can that other person deal with the same issues in a positive way and I can only deal with these problems in a negative way?”  Do any of you ask similar questions?  I feel a little alone about it!  Thanks for everything guys!!! 🙂