Well Hello,
My name is LeeAnn I am a 13 year old girl who lives in Wisconsin, I may look like everyone else but really I am a lonely depressed girl. The first time I injured myself was when I was 12. I stoped when I told one of my friends and they threatened to tell our school counsler on me. But this year it seems like that was when I hit rock bottom. I started dating this boy named Jason, and I was in love with him, I thought he was perfect until we broke up I cried every night and started injuring myself me and Jason went out 3 more times after that and it didnt work. So January 5th 2010 I set the date to kill myself. I told 5 of my closet friends.3 of my friends went to my school counsler and told her now that day I went home early and I remeber sitting on my moms bed and she gets the call from the counsler and my mom tells me to leave. I cry because I know what its about. My mom ask me why and I tell her the whole story and she worries about me so I had to start seeing a therapist and a counsler. After a couple of weeks I quite seeing them and a boy named Max at my school ( which I have liked since 2nd grade) Tells me he likes me he thinks Im pretty, Im funny, and likes my personallity. I was in heaven when he told me this I was so happy I thought it was great. then after a couple of days he stops liking me because I was ‘obsseive’ and my heart broke I am still depressed and I still talk to my school counsler I still have thoughts of hurting myself but not as storng. Now I am talking to a boy named Gino who is wonderful and I couldnt ask for anything better.