My youth minister gave me a link to get to this site about a week ago. He feels maybe it will help me to have other i can relate to, and to share my story with them as well… So yeah, I’m 15 year old girl, and I’m a Sophomore in high school. I have been SIing for about a year in a half, because it allows me to relieve stress and it’s the only thing in my life i feel like i can control. When my friends found out i was doing it, I think mostly it scared them and they tried to help me, but they didn’t know how… Soon after my parents found out and it was the worst thing that could have ever happend. They refuse to get me help so i just told them i quit. It scares me, because every time i do it, it gets worse and my friends are afraid that one day its going to kill me… Ive been through alot in my life that got me to this point and sometimes its the only time when i feel alive, or just feel ingeneral. Im numb of emotions, so i often fake them. When im smiling i want to show misery, and when i laugh i really want to cry. I just want to be happy again, or atleast remember what it feels like to have joy and love in my life, because those are two emotions i have forgotten and long for again. So, im going to give this a try, and maybe ill get better.