I don’t know why I’m so sensitive to everything people say. I end up overthinking what people say to me which ends up making me feel hurt leading to SI. I’m not sure why I do but I seem to analyze everything people say to me and turn it over in my head until it’s something that hurts me. I don’t know what to do because everything seems to make me depressed. Just recently I saw a commercial for the trix yogurt and I know it sounds silly but it made me sad to see the people who make the commercial encourage people to leave others out. The rabbit is never allowed to have any and he’s the one that is like I don’t know important about the yogurt and they won’t include him. I guess maybe I’m just too sensitive to let a kids commercial make me depressed but it does. I just don’t know what to do because everything around me seems to affect me negatively one way or another. My parents get really frustrated with me at times because I become offended so easily and I know it’s hard on them because no matter what they say I always feel hurt. Even when they’re saying nice things, I just get to feeling like I don’t deserve it and then start feeling awful again.