Here’s a poem about my ex-best friend. The one that betrayed my trust and lied to me, the one that tried to take my life apart. And how I don’t wanna self-injure because of it but it’s so hard.

Peripheral Ghost

Everywhere I go

I see you in my side view

I can’t erase the ghost of you

Following me

Stalking me

Trying to fall away

From everything we used to be

Words unspoken

Bonds untying

Never saying

Everything I need to say

To make you understand my pain.

Tripping on the memories

Inside jokes and

Broken hopes

I can’t believe you broke my heart

And ripped my life apart

Peripheral ghost

Haunting me

I try to turn away

But you’re always standing next to me.

I tell myself

That you’re not worth it

That you aren’t worth everything that I’ve worked for

But late at night

Moonlight pooling on my ceiling

I can’t erase the thoughts and images.

Peripheral ghost.