Hi everyone. I havn’t been on in a while, but decided I would but for different reasons.   I have SI’d for a decade prior to now and havn’t SI’d in a few years. The reasons are different for everyone of course as to why we do,  my story is a. way too long and b. not that interesting  i am sure,=)  but I stopped SI on my own-I never saw a therapist (don’t dig them) and when encountering Medical environments that could have jeapordized my discression I managed to convince them that it was not SI they were seeing, avoiding any hospitalization.  Most people, including my parents don’t know to this day and I am 33. But I still think about it constanlty,and can’t say in the future I may not start again; my future is not any clearer than it was in the past, really. The reason I right though is not to seem like I am on a high horse or being smug, I decided recently to try and use my experiences shared or otherwise to anyone elses benefit. If anyone wants to talk, ask questions or just needs a virtual pen pal of sorts for support I would be more than happy. I wish serenity and happiness for all of us and I respect this site immensely for letting us be part of it. thanx and sorry i wrote a pamphlet on here.