OK, so I’m 15 years old, and i suffer from a lot of mental issues that i am seeking help with. I hung out with the older kids because it gave me an escape from the house i live in. My mother is bipolar, and suffers from manic depression often, my father has anger problems also, God love him he’d never hurt us, but it still pacts an impact on the family. My younger brother and sister are both bipolar too. I am the only one in the family who isn’t diagnosed with a mental illness. So at home everything revolves around them, there isn’t anytime for me, selfish i know, but i went out seeking attention, and found it in a group of older guys. They are all older and into using substances.  I was always the center of attention and loved it. I was the cute little sister that everyone loved and cared for there. Naturally i just went with everything. I started abusing substances too. My parents were clueless to all this. My older sister knew, and didn’t want to be hypocritical because she had done the same thing. So she just sorta looked out for me and let me continue. Well my parents not knowing soon ended, because i got into trouble for skipping school on my birthday. So i sat down with them and talked, i thought everything was going to be better? I was sadly mistaken. Things looked up for me for a little while, now they are just as bad. I am 15 and addicted to things I shouldn’t be, i often skip meals because of insecurity with myself which started before finding my friends. I have hypoglycemia and that causes some health problems with this battle of an eating disorder which i can see myself developing. I am often depressed. I just stay in my room and cry a lot. I have done SI(self injury) and often still do. I have a few new friends and i still talk to one or two of the guys i used to hang around with. They try and help me quit as much as they can and help with everything. I have a few good friends now. I just want some advice. I have found an amazing boy, who is very supportive and knows all this, he is helping me also, i suppose i just need to vent more. Anything is much appriciated.