About a week ago i had this huge break down in front of my mother. And I told her how i felt about life and such and it lead to me telling her that i used to SI. She freaked out. We never really discussed it after that. I think she felt ashamed. Then Today, we get in this big fight about me being lazy, and i don’t know why i said it, one of those heat of the moment things and i told her i wanted to run away. She said she would call the police, and so i replied with i can just tell them that you’re crazy (i truly regret saying that though) and she gets right up in my face and says, “I’ll tell them that you (SI) and they’ll just send you away anyways.” I burst into tears. I feel like she’s going to use it against me now. It’s not my fault. It’s something i really couldn’t help. Ive stopped. i have since November. Which is huge for me. But all this emotional torture is really testing my stability.