Reading every one’s stories is making me realize how little my story actually is. I can remember the first day I SI and I wont ever forget it. I didn’t have a real reason why I did it but just before I did it a feeling came over me. I felt alone,scared and anger. I do have my fair share of problems. My older sister ran away with a horrible man and she ruined our relationship. The man would of killed me if  he had the chance but  my sister thought she saved me when she went with him but at that point I wish I was dead. I’m known as the pretty and happy teenager but I can’t keep up with every one’s expectations. I went for about 6 months without SIing but I ruined that 2 nights ago. I’m starting over again and I don’t know if I can handle that. Any advice would be helpful because all I need is help from people who understand me.