I have been self injuring my self for over 3 years now and it just gets worse. Last month was worse than ever i honestly hated my self,i hated who i was and everything about me. I regrted waking up in the morning. I didnt see the reason for even living anymore. I feel i just cause people pain even when im trying to make things better. Yeah, that never happened. Now i have no friends i have no one to talk to i feel i have nothing. I feel no one understands and i wish i had someone to talk to sometimes. I’v now had to stop self injuring my self because people were talking. I’v been doing gymnastics for 13 years i/v lost interest and it’s getting harder to hide the scars. I live with only my mom and all she talks about is her financial problems and i know how expensive gymnastics is so i figure she’ll be happy/ But i also figure if i quit then ill really have nothing to live for and i might get back ito my other form of injury.
Ugh i dont know anymore.