This is getting so tiring.  I have been injuring for 2 years now.  ive been seeing a phsyciatrist for almost 2 years and ive been taking anti depressants for a year.  WHEN IS THIS GONNA STOP???  i hate the way my life has turned out. i never suspected my life to be this way.  filled with remorse, guilt, anger, embarassment and depression..  i injured yesterday.  i cant tell anyone.. im not doing it for attention, i just want those words of wisdom to help me carry on.  i feel so horrible and i pity myself  but i know that nothing bad has ever happened to me.  ive never been abused, rape, i dont have cancer.  i live in a loving house and go to a good school. if all these good things are happening to me, if i can eat as much as i want and not worry about money WHY AM I SO DEPRESSED??? i cannot help this. most of the time i dont even know whats wrong. i just cry and cry and cry.  i dont wanna live the rest of my life like this.  when i get married, have children, and grow old i just want to be happy! or even content. i dont wanna be depressed and injure. but i dont see this going away anytime soon..