so theres something seriously wrong with me. But for some reason, i think its all normal. I mean … everyones doing it.

or is that what got me in so much trouble to begin with ?  I went to the physc ward last night . I finally snapped. told my mom everything.

I showed her the scars, and told her about the other ways I injure. Her answer? She wasn’t surprised. And all this started was over some stupid fight. I told her right before we started fighting. Stop talking. I was trying to study for an exam that I was supposed to write this morning, and I was already fighting. I knew that if she kept trying to talk to me about all the things she was trying, that we would end up in a huge fight and it would end really really bad.

Guess who was right?   Me.

So, she kept talking. and talking and talking and talking. I couldn’t stop screaming. I didnt want to hear anything she had to say to me . Then she made that stupid comment about my father, and I flipped.

I showed her my injuries and I told her about the ways I injure.  She flipped out on me, giving me options or something. I didnt care. I couldnt stop screaming. She took me the hospital. Saying  I was crazy, that I needed to get checked.

I couldnt stop laughing at her.  I knew this was gonna happen.  But, after three hours in emerg, and seven different notices. I got my label. Im situationally depressed. Whatever that means.

This is all seriously funny.  And i dont.know.why.