I dont really know what’s happening to me anymore. I’ll have constant mood swings throughout the days now, being extremely happy, then depressed, kinda like a cycle.  And I’ll get extremely angry at people, for no real reason either.  My mom will just be talking to me, a light conversation, and I’ll get so furious with the fact that she’s just, talking, when I dont want her to say anything, that I start shaking.  I managed not to SI last night, I guess that’s a plus.  I don’t know, I honestly don’t care about SI right now, cause the problem really isn’t the injuring.  Well I mean, it’s a big problem, but it’s a result of the real issue: all my emotion stuff that I need to sort out.  Sure, I can make excuses and just try to stop SIing, but I’m pretty sure now that this isn’t going to stop unless I DO something about my true feelings and thoughts.  I’m just scared to go there.  Yeah, I know, it sounds stupid, being scared of your own mind.  But I’ve kept all of my feelings locked up, for quite a long time now, and I’m terrified of actually having to face what I feel rather than just SIing to mute them.  This part, Ill have to face on my own, which I hope I’m strong enough to do.