So yeah. I seriously feel like giving up. I don’t see the point in SIing. I don’t see the point in not SIing. I had gone 27 days without SIing, a HUGE accomplishment for me and tonight I screwed up. Oh well, I don’t see the point. I know I can’t get help. I’ve told my mom, that was 2 months ago. She said she would call a counselar cause I wanted help. But that has yet to happen. I mean, I still want help, but until I can pay for it myself and drive myself to the place, and be independent of my mother, that’s not going to happen. The same happened to my brother, mom and dad always said that they’d help him. He moved out a few months ago at the age of 20, and then he was able to get help. But he can’t afford it now. But with my parents it costs SO much less. I’m pretty sure this is how it’s gonna happen with me, unless I take action myself. But I’m scared too.