So my life is upside down. It would take forever to explain it all. But the biggest problem is that my lil sister is dating my ex boyfriend. We dated for a while, got very physical and when I told him that I might be pregnant, he left. Now he is dating my sister. I’ve been told to tell her what happened between us. But my family can’t know about it, it’s too huge a controversy. We have been fighting for the past couple weeks because I don’t approve of him and I want her to stop seeing him. I decided to let her live her life the way she wants. And if that includes screwing up with him, so be it. But she wants my blessing, which I will not give. My parents have told me to leave. Which I want to, but they won’t let me. They say that when they get mad, but take it back later. I got an offer to live in a home for problem teens. I want to go there, but their religious beliefs are not the same as my family’s. So they said I can’t go. We have agreed that I can get an apartment in a town 3 hours away in April, after school stops. But that’s when my life begins. A big part of my life revolves around boot camp. The basic learning has started already for this year. But March through September we do training. I was a drill sergeant last year. I am assisting training of probies this year with hopes of being promoted. So I really can’t leave. I give everything to this program. My whole summer is dedicated to it. So I really can’t leave. I could be transferred to a new unit, but then I lose my ranking and have to start again. I could technically do it, but it’s a lot of travel. I would love the job and the chance to be on my own and learn. The good point of the group house is that I could continue with it. But religiously it would be hard. And with the youth center being only 2 blocks from my house I think it might be too close. The whole reason I haven’t left yet is because of my best friend. She lives at the youth center, so I’m scared that living with her would be strenuous on our friendship. I asked if she could go with me to the town. But she can’t. She is dedicated to the boot camp too and she also has a child that she can’t leave. And he couldn’t go with us because she wouldn’t have a babysitter. She also thinks that it’s a mistake and would ruin my life. If it weren’t for boot camp, the theater that I’m in, and my best friend; I’d be gone. Anyone got some words of wisdom for me? plz, I need help.